Kingart Pictures

Hq’d in Brooklyn, NY, Kingart Pictures, has evolved through more than 20 years of New York City metro production industry experience into a recalibrated-and-caffeinated concept-to-screen production-service-and-locations venture.
In 1994, during the indie film heyday, rookie Mark got on the locations circuit. In 1996 he was d/b/a The Location Station (TLS), and by 1997 he was scouting and managing full-time in the a-maze-ing Big Apple. A sign in a Manhattan shop wryly rated Gotham: There is no place like this place anyplace-–so this must be the place!
Me on 777orig copy

 Kingart Pictures

TLS went on patrol and on set, assisting teams from UK, India, Japan, S. Korea, and more. A rom-com from India in Brooklyn. A cosmetics spot from Korea on Park Avenue. Movie comedy from China in Times Square.  A securities commercial atop an office tower. Hyundai in the harbor. And more. Mark (travel bug!) flew far away, too–Buenos Aires, Morocco, Costa Rica and Utah–but most missions have been in NYC/metro.
He has location managed 10 indie flicks and ~40 commercials, and scouted for 120+ other projects, from 3-man photo bands to movie armies, for producers, directors, DPs, and photographers calling the shots for CBS, PBS, TNT, NBC, NTV (Japan), MBC (S. Korea), Discovery, HBO, Lions Gate, Miramax, Paramount, The Weinstein Co., Canon, DHL, HSBC, Hyundai, Intel, Lexus, Mens Wearhouse, Volvo Truck, and many more.

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